Miniature Thermocouples

We offer world-class, made-in-the-USA embeddable and miniature thermocouples for demanding applications requiring the sensor to be installed in confined spaces, small components and other hard-to-reach areas. We have a unique blend of configurations that are ideal solutions for sub-surface temperature measurements, beaded sensors, and miniature copper pads. Learn more about each of our products below.


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• Fast Response
• Type J, K or T Thermocouple
• 30 AWG  FEP insulated conductors, solid core
• Glue copper pad to surface

Starting at $28.85

• Fast Response
• Type K Thermocouple
• 24 AWG  FEP insulated conductors, solid core
• Thermocouple is installed using Embedding Tool

Starting at $27.50

• Simple Low Cost Temperature Sensor
Type J, Type K, or Type T Thermocouple
• FEP Insulated Lead Wire
• Ideal for Air or Surface Temperature Measurements

Starting at $7.50