WPTC Weld Pad Surface Temperature Thermocouple Probe

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The Weld Pad Surface Temperature Thermocouple Probe is designed for use in industrial applications to measure surface temperature by way of attachment via weld, braze, cement, or clamp. The pad is flexible to easy form to the contour of a flat or curved surface. The probe is made in the USA with superior materials, designed to withstand even the most rigorous operating conditions. 

• Fast Response
• Flexible Stainless Steel pad, can be attached to flat or curved surface
• Pad can be brazed, welded, cemented, or clamped to surface

Made in the USA

Contact us for volume pricing. Custom configurations available.


• Type J or K Thermocouple
• -148°F to 2192°F range (-100°C to 1200°C)
• Special Limits of Error accuracy (greater of +/- 0.4% of reading or +/- 1.1°C)
• Probe sheath diameter 1/16 inch (0.062 inch) (1.6 mm)
• Inconel 600 protective sheathing for longevity at high temperatures
• Pad Dimensions 1.0" x 1.0" x 0.01" (25mm x 25mm x 0.25mm)
• Pad material 304 stainless steel
• Stainless steel over-braid signal cable with FEP insulated conductors, stranded, 24 AWG (rated to 400°F (204°C))
• Response time constant: 300 milliseconds


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