MPG-12C 12-Channel Round Digital Gauge - Type J & K Thermocouple

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• User can configure display as 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 channels
• 3-1/8" (80 mm) Round Gauge
• Recall Max temperature "Peak hold" capability
• Programmable High Temperature set-point alarm
• Each individual input channel can be labeled as either EGT or CHT
• °F/°C selectable



• Accepts up to12 probes
• High resolution LCD display with backlighting
• Temperatures can be displayed in °C or °F; from -100 to +1200ºC (-148 to +2192°F)
• Display up to 12 channels in an easy to read bargraph format
• Visible high temperature alarm
• Recall Max Peak temperature memory Button
• Power from either 12 VDC or 24 VDC
• Supports J, K, & E thermocouple probes

The 12-channel digital thermocouple pyrometer gauge display is 3-1/8” instrument that contains all the features necessary to monitor EGTs and/or CHTs. The instrument is fully programmable by the user resulting in the most flexible solution available. The gauge display can be configured to display up to 12 thermocouples in an easy to read bargraph format.

Temperature Probes not included, please purchase separately

This instrument is not certified by the FAA. Fitting of this instrument to certified aircraft is subject to the rules and conditions pertaining to such in your country. Please check with your local aviation authorities if in doubt. This instrument is intended for ultralight, microlight, homebuilt and experimental aircraft. Operation of this instrument is the sole responsibility of the pilot in command (PIC) of the aircraft. This person must be proficient and carry a valid and relevant pilot’s license. This person has to make themselves familiar with the operation of this instrument and the effect of any possible failure or malfunction. Under no circumstances does The Sensor Connection or manufacturer condone usage of this instrument for IFR flights.

Input: Type K, Type J, & Type E thermocouple
Number of Inputs: 1 to 12 independent channels
Display Range: -148 to +2192°F (-100 to +1200°C)
Accuracy: +/- 5° (typical) over full temperature range
LCD Display Resolution: 320 x 240 graphic color LCD display
LCD Backlight: Yes
LCD Contrast: User selectable
Microprocessor Resolution: 12-bit (over sampled successive approximation)
Environment: 85% Max. RH (non-condensing)
Operating Temperature: +14 to +140°F (-10 to +60°C)
Front Bezel Rating: IP51
Input Voltage: 8 to 30 VDC
Current Draw: 145mA @ 13.8V (backlight highest setting), 65mA @ 13.8V (backlight lowest setting)
Alarm Relay Contact Rating: Normally open, open collector transistor, switches to ground upon activation, max rating of 0.25A DC
Enclosure: 3-1/8” ABS plastic, black in color, front or rear mounting
Panel Cutout Dimensions: Drill round 3-1/8" (80 mm) hole
Weight: 180 grams