HI2000 High Precision Pressure Transducer


• High accuracy and performance
• Silicon-on-sapphire sensor technology for outstanding stability
• Pressure ranges to 1,500 bar (0-7.5psi to 0-20,000psi)
• Titanium wetted parts for excellent chemical compatability
• High thermal stability over wide operating temperature
• ATEX/IECEx option available (includes M1 for mining applications

The HISPEC HI2000 series of pressure transducers with state-of-the-art Silicon-on-Sapphire sensor technology offer levels of accuracy and performance previously unobtainable or prohibitively expensive. The unique Silicon-on-Sapphire sensor technology provides outstanding performance and gives excellent stability over a wide temperature range. The advanced sensor design consists of a piezoresistive silicon strain gauge circuit, which is epitaxially grown onto the surface of a sapphire diaphragm to form a single crystalline structure. The sapphire sensor element is then molecularly bonded to a Titanium alloy sub-diaphragm. This enables the sensor to endure higher over- pressures and provides superb corrosion resistance.

The sensor exhibits virtually no hysteresis and excellent long-term stability. With outstanding insulation properties, the sapphire substrate allows the sensor to operate over a very wide temperature range without loss of performance.

A TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) version is available. A TEDS contains the critical information needed by an instrument or measurement system to identify, characterize, interface, and properly use the signal from an analog sensor. IEEE 1451.4 defines the method of encoding TEDS information for a broad range of senor types and applications.

Applications include aerospace, laboratory and test, oil and gas monitoring equipment (down-hole) and subsea. Available in pressure ranges from 0-500 mbar to 0-1,500 bar and with electrical outputs of 10 mV/V, 0-5 dc and 0-10 Vdc. An optional ATEX and IECEx approved version of this product is available for explosion protection for flammable gases (zone 0), dusts (zone 20)
and mining areas (group I M1).


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Sensor Technology:

Ceramic thick film or bonded foil strain gauge

Output Signal:

10 mV/V (4 wire)

Supply voltage:

10 VDC (5-15V)

Pressure Reference:


Protection of supply voltage:

Protected against supply voltage reversal up to 50 V (amplified versions)

Standard pressure ranges:

0-1 bar Vac; 0-1 bar; 0-10 bar; 0-25 bar; 0-100 bar; 0-250 bar; 0-400 bar; 0-600 bar; 0-1,000 bar; 0-1,500 bar (other ranges available)
0-30 in Hg; 0-15 psi; 0-150 psi; 0-300 psi; 0-1,500 psi; 0-3,000 psi; 0-6,000 psi; 0-10,000 psi; 0-15,000 psi; 0-20,000 psi (other ranges available)

Overpressure safety:

4x for 0.5 bar range; 2 x for ranges 1 bar to 600 bar; 1.5x for 1,000 bar range; 1.1x for 1,500 bar range

Load driving capability:

10 mV/V: n/a; 0-5 V: max. load RL > 5 KΩ; 0-10 V: max. load RL > 10 KΩ

Accuracy NLHR:

≤ ±0.1 % of span BFSL

Zero offset and span tolerance:

±0.5% FS at room temperature (HI2000/HI2010: ±1 mV)

Operating ambient temperature:

-40 °C to +85 °C (-40 °F to +185 °F)

Operating media temperature:

-50 °C to +125 °C (-58 °F to +257 °F)

Storage temperature:

+5 °C to +40 °C (+41 °F to +104°F) Recommended best practice

Temperature effects:

±1.0 %FS total error band for -20 °C to +70 °C. Typical thermal zero and span coefficients ±0.005 %FS/ °C

ATEX/IECEx approval option (mV version only):

Ex II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga (zone 0), Ex II 1 D Ex ia IIIC T135 °C Da (zone 20), Ex I M 1 Ex ia I Ma (group 1 M1)

ATEX/IECEx safety values:

Ui = 28 V; Ii = 119 mA; Pi = 0.65 W; Li = 0.1 μH; Ci = 0; Temperature Range = -20 °C to +70 °C; Max. cable length = 50 m


    IEEE 1451.4 Sensor TEDS (contact sales for more information)

Electromagnetic capability:

Emissions: EN61000-6-4, Immunity: EN61000-6-2, Certification: CE Marked

Insulation resistance:

> 100 MΩ @ 50 VDC

Response time 10-90%:

1 mS

Wetted parts:

Titanium alloy

Pressure media:

All fluids compatible with titanium alloy

Pressure connection:

1/4“ BSP male (G1/4) or 1/4“ NPT male (others options available)

Electrical connection:

HI200x: PTFE insulated flying lead, conductor size 7/0.1 mm. HI201x: MIL-C-26482 6 pin bayonet connector (Accessory not included: mating connector type MS3116F10-6S).



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HI2000-V001AB HI2000-V001AM   HI2000EXV001AB HI2000EXV001AM   HI2010-V001AB HI2010-V001AM   HI2010EXV001AB HI2010EXV001AM
HI2000-0001AB HI2000-0001AM   HI2000EX0001AB HI2000EX0001AM   HI2010-0001AB HI2010-0001AM   HI2010EX0001AB HI2010EX0001AM
HI2000-0010AB HI2000-0010AM   HI2000EX0010AB HI2000EX0010AM   HI2010-0010AB HI2010-0010AM   HI2010EX0010AB HI2010EX0010AM
HI2000-0025AB HI2000-0025AM   HI2000EX0025AB HI2000EX0025AM   HI2010-0025AB HI2010-0025AM   HI2010EX0025AB HI2010EX0025AM
HI2000-0100AB HI2000-0100AM   HI2000EX0100AB HI2000EX0100AM   HI2010-0100AB HI2010-0100AM   HI2010EX0100AB HI2010EX0100AM
HI2000-0250AB HI2000-0250AM   HI2000EX0250AB HI2000EX0250AM   HI2010-0250AB HI2010-0250AM   HI2010EX0250AB HI2010EX0250AM
HI2000-0400AB HI2000-0400AM   HI2000EX0400AB HI2000EX0400AM   HI2010-0400AB HI2010-0400AM   HI2010EX0400AB HI2010EX0400AM
HI2000-0600AB HI2000-0600AM   HI2000EX0600AB HI2000EX0600AM   HI2010-0600AB HI2010-0600AM   HI2010EX0600AB HI2010EX0600AM
HI2000-1000AB HI2000-1000AM   HI2000EX1000AB HI2000EX1000AM   HI2010-1000AB HI2010-1000AM   HI2010EX1000AB HI2010EX1000AM
HI2000-1500AB HI2000-1500AM   HI2000EX1500AB HI2000EX1500AM   HI2010-1500AB HI2010-1500AM   HI2010EX1500AB HI2010EX1500AM
HI2001-V001AB HI2001-V001AM   HI2001EXV001AB HI2001EXV001AM   HI2011-V001AB HI2011-V001AM   HI2011EXV001AB HI2011EXV001AM
HI2001-0001AB HI2001-0001AM   HI2001EX0001AB HI2001EX0001AM   HI2011-0001AB HI2011-0001AM   HI2011EX0001AB HI2011EX0001AM
HI2001-0010AB HI2001-0010AM   HI2001EX0010AB HI2001EX0010AM   HI2011-0010AB HI2011-0010AM   HI2011EX0010AB HI2011EX0010AM
HI2001-0025AB HI2001-0025AM   HI2001EX0025AB HI2001EX0025AM   HI2011-0025AB HI2011-0025AM   HI2011EX0025AB HI2011EX0025AM
HI2001-0100AB HI2001-0100AM   HI2001EX0100AB HI2001EX0100AM   HI2011-0100AB HI2011-0100AM   HI2011EX0100AB HI2011EX0100AM
HI2001-0250AB HI2001-0250AM   HI2001EX0250AB HI2001EX0250AM   HI2011-0250AB HI2011-0250AM   HI2011EX0250AB HI2011EX0250AM
HI2001-0400AB HI2001-0400AM   HI2001EX0400AB HI2001EX0400AM   HI2011-0400AB HI2011-0400AM   HI2011EX0400AB HI2011EX0400AM
HI2001-0600AB HI2001-0600AM   HI2001EX0600AB HI2001EX0600AM   HI2011-0600AB HI2011-0600AM   HI2011EX0600AB HI2011EX0600AM
HI2001-1000AB HI2001-1000AM   HI2001EX1000AB HI2001EX1000AM   HI2011-1000AB HI2011-1000AM   HI2011EX1000AB HI2011EX1000AM
HI2001-1500AB HI2001-1500AM   HI2001EX1500AB HI2001EX1500AM   HI2011-1500AB HI2011-1500AM   HI2011EX1500AB HI2011EX1500AM
HI2004-V001AB HI2004-V001AM   HI2004EXV001AB HI2004EXV001AM   HI2014-V001AB HI2014-V001AM   HI2014EXV001AB HI2014EXV001AM
HI2004-0001AB HI2004-0001AM   HI2004EX0001AB HI2004EX0001AM   HI2014-0001AB HI2014-0001AM   HI2014EX0001AB HI2014EX0001AM
HI2004-0010AB HI2004-0010AM   HI2004EX0010AB HI2004EX0010AM   HI2014-0010AB HI2014-0010AM   HI2014EX0010AB HI2014EX0010AM
HI2004-0025AB HI2004-0025AM   HI2004EX0025AB HI2004EX0025AM   HI2014-0025AB HI2014-0025AM   HI2014EX0025AB HI2014EX0025AM
HI2004-0100AB HI2004-0100AM   HI2004EX0100AB HI2004EX0100AM   HI2014-0100AB HI2014-0100AM   HI2014EX0100AB HI2014EX0100AM
HI2004-0250AB HI2004-0250AM   HI2004EX0250AB HI2004EX0250AM   HI2014-0250AB HI2014-0250AM   HI2014EX0250AB HI2014EX0250AM
HI2004-0400AB HI2004-0400AM   HI2004EX0400AB HI2004EX0400AM   HI2014-0400AB HI2014-0400AM   HI2014EX0400AB HI2014EX0400AM
HI2004-0600AB HI2004-0600AM   HI2004EX0600AB HI2004EX0600AM   HI2014-0600AB HI2014-0600AM   HI2014EX0600AB HI2014EX0600AM
HI2004-1000AB HI2004-1000AM   HI2004EX1000AB HI2004EX1000AM   HI2014-1000AB HI2014-1000AM   HI2014EX1000AB HI2014EX1000AM
HI2004-1500AB HI2004-1500AM   HI2004EX1500AB HI2004EX1500AM   HI2014-1500AB HI2014-1500AM   HI2014EX1500AB HI2014EX1500AM
HI2002-V001AB HI2002-V001AM   HI2002EXV001AB HI2002EXV001AM   HI2012-V001AB HI2012-V001AM   HI2012EXV001AB HI2012EXV001AM
HI2002-0001AB HI2002-0001AM   HI2002EX0001AB HI2002EX0001AM   HI2012-0001AB HI2012-0001AM   HI2012EX0001AB HI2012EX0001AM
HI2002-0010AB HI2002-0010AM   HI2002EX0010AB HI2002EX0010AM   HI2012-0010AB HI2012-0010AM   HI2012EX0010AB HI2012EX0010AM
HI2002-0025AB HI2002-0025AM   HI2002EX0025AB HI2002EX0025AM   HI2012-0025AB HI2012-0025AM   HI2012EX0025AB HI2012EX0025AM
HI2002-0100AB HI2002-0100AM   HI2002EX0100AB HI2002EX0100AM   HI2012-0100AB HI2012-0100AM   HI2012EX0100AB HI2012EX0100AM
HI2002-0250AB HI2002-0250AM   HI2002EX0250AB HI2002EX0250AM   HI2012-0250AB HI2012-0250AM   HI2012EX0250AB HI2012EX0250AM
HI2002-0400AB HI2002-0400AM   HI2002EX0400AB HI2002EX0400AM   HI2012-0400AB HI2012-0400AM   HI2012EX0400AB HI2012EX0400AM
HI2002-0600AB HI2002-0600AM   HI2002EX0600AB HI2002EX0600AM   HI2012-0600AB HI2012-0600AM   HI2012EX0600AB HI2012EX0600AM
HI2002-1000AB HI2002-1000AM   HI2002EX1000AB HI2002EX1000AM   HI2012-1000AB HI2012-1000AM   HI2012EX1000AB HI2012EX1000AM
HI2002-1500AB HI2002-1500AM   HI2002EX1500AB HI2002EX1500AM   HI2012-1500AB HI2012-1500AM   HI2012EX1500AB HI2012EX1500AM
HI2005-V001AB HI2005-V001AM   HI2005EXV001AB HI2005EXV001AM   HI2015-V001AB HI2015-V001AM   HI2015EXV001AB HI2015EXV001AM
HI2005-0001AB HI2005-0001AM   HI2005EX0001AB HI2005EX0001AM   HI2015-0001AB HI2015-0001AM   HI2015EX0001AB HI2015EX0001AM
HI2005-0010AB HI2005-0010AM   HI2005EX0010AB HI2005EX0010AM   HI2015-0010AB HI2015-0010AM   HI2015EX0010AB HI2015EX0010AM
HI2005-0025AB HI2005-0025AM   HI2005EX0025AB HI2005EX0025AM   HI2015-0025AB HI2015-0025AM   HI2015EX0025AB HI2015EX0025AM
HI2005-0100AB HI2005-0100AM   HI2005EX0100AB HI2005EX0100AM   HI2015-0100AB HI2015-0100AM   HI2015EX0100AB HI2015EX0100AM
HI2005-0250AB HI2005-0250AM   HI2005EX0250AB HI2005EX0250AM   HI2015-0250AB HI2015-0250AM   HI2015EX0250AB HI2015EX0250AM
HI2005-0400AB HI2005-0400AM   HI2005EX0400AB HI2005EX0400AM   HI2015-0400AB HI2015-0400AM   HI2015EX0400AB HI2015EX0400AM
HI2005-0600AB HI2005-0600AM   HI2005EX0600AB HI2005EX0600AM   HI2015-0600AB HI2015-0600AM   HI2015EX0600AB HI2015EX0600AM
HI2005-1000AB HI2005-1000AM   HI2005EX1000AB HI2005EX1000AM   HI2015-1000AB HI2015-1000AM   HI2015EX1000AB HI2015EX1000AM
HI2005-1500AB HI2005-1500AM   HI2005EX1500AB HI2005EX1500AM   HI2015-1500AB HI2015-1500AM   HI2015EX1500AB HI2015EX1500AM