PR3200 Differential Pressure Transmitter


• Silicon-on-sapphire sensor technology
• Pressure ranges: 500mbarDP to 200barDP (7.5 psiDP to 3,000psiDP)
• 4-20mA two wire output
• Accuracy 0.30% NLHR
• Optional ATEX approved version
• Wet/wet operation
• Uni and bi-directional operation
• High pressure differential ranges available

The PR3200 differential pressure transmitter uses two titanium alloy pressure sensors, offering high stability and performance with true wet/wet operation, suitable for use with all liquids and gases compatible with stainless steel and titanium.

The unique Silicon-on-Sapphire sensor technology provides outstanding performance and gives excellent stability over a wide temperature range. The advanced sensor design consists of a piezoresistive silicon strain gauge circuit, which is epitaxially grown onto the surface of a sapphire diaphragm to form a single crystalline structure. The sapphire sensor element is then molecularly bonded to a titanium alloy sub-diaphragm. This enables the sensor to endure higher over- pressures and provides superb corrosion resistance. The completed sensor exhibits virtually no hysteresis and excellent long-term stability. With outstanding insulation properties, the sapphire substrate allows the sensor to operate over a very wide temperature range without loss of performance.

Applications include flow measurement with orifice plates and mass flow meters, plus static differential pressure measurement and control in combustion chambers, also condition monitoring and filter monitoring in high pressure hydraulic systems or any application on liquid or gas requiring reliable differential pressure measurement. Electrical connector is DIN plug and socket. Access to zero and span adjustment is by removing top plate for easy on-site adjustment. Pressure connection as standard is via two 1/4”BSP female connections. Mounting plate is available for bulkhead mounting. Ranges available from 0-500mbarDP to 0-200barDP (0-7.5 psiDP to 0-3,000 psiDP)

An optional ATEX certified version of this product is available approved for explosion protection for flammable gases (zone 0), dusts (zone 20) and mining areas (group I M1).


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Pressure Reference:

Differential pressure (DP) only


Pressure can exceed rated range by the multiple shown below without any damage or change in calibration above ±0.5%FS. 1.5x Maximum static line pressure for all ranges.

DP Pressure Range / Maximum Static Line Pressure:

0-0.5 / 2.5 bar (30 psi)
0-1 / 4 bar (60 psi)
0-2 / 10 bar (150 psi)
0-4 / 16 bar (200 psi)
0-6 / 25 bar (300 psi)
0-10 / 40 bar (600 psi)
0-20 / 60 bar (1,000 psi)
0-40 / 160 bar (2,500 psi)
0-100 / 400 bar (6,000 psi)
0-200 / 600 bar (8,700 psi)

Output signal:

4-20 mA (2 wire configuration) as standard

Zero offset and span tolerance:

±0.16mA, ±5%FS zero adjustment with easy access trimming potentiometers

Supply voltage:

Measured across supply terminals on connector plug. 10-36Vdc for 4-20mA versions

Protection of supply voltage:

Protected against supply voltage reversal up to 50Vdc

Accuracy (non linearity, hysteresis, & repeatability):

±0.30% FS Typical max. Best fit straight line

Pressure media:

All fluids compatible with 316 stainless steel and titanium

Operating temperature range:

Ambient/Media: -20°C to +85°C (-4°F to +185°F)
Storage: +5°C to +40°C (+41°F to +104°F)

Temperature effects:

±2.0% FS total error band for -20°C to +70°C (-4°F to +158°F), typical thermal zero and span coefficients ±0.03%FS/°C

ATEX approval (4-20mA versions only):

Ex II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga (zone 0)
Ex II 1 D Ex ia IIIC T135ºC Da (zone 20)
EX I M 1 Ex ia I Ma (group I M1)

ATEX safety values:

Ui = 28V ; Ii = 119mA ; Pi = 0.65W ; Li = 0.1 ; Ci = 74Nf

Temperature range:

-20ºC to +70ºC

Max. cable length:

45m (147 ft)

Electromagnetic capability:

Emissions: EN61000-6-4; Immunity: EN61000-6-2;

Pressure connection:

1/4" BSP female (other options available on request)

Electrical connection:

Mating socket with screw terminal connections to DIN 43650, rates IP65



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PR3200-00.5AR PR3200-00.5AS   PR3200A00.5AR PR3200A00.5AS   PR3200B00.5AR PR3200B00.5AS   PR3200EX00.5AR PR3200EX00.5AS
PR3200-0001AR PR3200-0001AS   PR3200A0001AR PR3200A0001AS   PR3200B0001AR PR3200B0001AS   PR3200EX0001AR PR3200EX0001AS
PR3200-0002AR PR3200-0002AS   PR3200A0002AR PR3200A0002AS   PR3200B0002AR PR3200B0002AS   PR3200EX0002AR PR3200EX0002AS
PR3200-0004AR PR3200-0004AS   PR3200A0004AR PR3200A0004AS   PR3200B0004AR PR3200B0004AS   PR3200EX0004AR PR3200EX0004AS
PR3200-0010AR PR3200-0010AS   PR3200A0010AR PR3200A0010AS   PR3200B0010AR PR3200B0010AS   PR3200EX0010AR PR3200EX0010AS
PR3200-0020AR PR3200-0020AS   PR3200A0020AR PR3200A0020AS   PR3200B0020AR PR3200B0020AS   PR3200EX0020AR PR3200EX0020AS
PR3200-0040AR PR3200-0040AS   PR3200A0040AR PR3200A0040AS   PR3200B0040AR PR3200B0040AS   PR3200EX0040AR PR3200EX0040AS
PR3200-0100AR PR3200-0100AS   PR3200A0100AR PR3200A0100AS   PR3200B0100AR PR3200B0100AS   PR3200EX0100AR PR3200EX0100AS
PR3200-0200AR PR3200-0200AS   PR3200A0200AR PR3200A0200AS   PR3200B0200AR PR3200B0200AS   PR3200EX0200AR PR3200EX0200AS