GD4200-USB Dynamic Digital Pressure Transducer


• Sample rate software selection up to 1,000 Hz
• Silicon-on-Sapphire pressure sensor technology
• Choice of pressure ranges from vacuum to 5,000 bar (0-72,500 psi)
• Accuracy (NLHR) ±0.15% of span BFSL
• ESI-USB downloadable software with auto update
• Measure & record up to 16 pressure inputs together
• Create customized test certificate
• Automatic temperature compensation
• Support for easy integration with applications created by C#, VB, Labview, and Excel VBA (api dll library)
• 2m lead & carry case included

The GD4200-USB Digital Pressure Transducer has been designed to measure, analyze, and record pressure directly on your computer without the need for costly I/O interface boards. The user can measure up to 16 pressure inputs simultaneously and easily create customized certificates.

The transducer is powered by the computer's USB port, data is then presented on the PC via the ESI-USB configurable Windows Interface software. IT has instant connection with auto-detection, and will configure automatically with your desktop, laptop, or Windows tablet via USB protocol. 

The GD4200-USB sample rate enables dynamic pressures to be measured with up to 21 bit resolution at user selectable speeds up to 1,000 Hz. For real-time analysis, data transferred to the PC is achieved without loss of accuracy or bandwidth. This pressure transducer is USB 2.0 compatible, the ESI-USB interface configuration and analysis software is compatible exclusively with Windows 7 (32 bit & 64bit), 8, 8.1, and 10. Data can be displayed in graphical or tabular form, with a choice of pressure units and fully adjustable scales. Data can be saved to a file or exported to Excel/PDF.

The unique Silicon-on-Sapphire sensor technology provides outstanding performance and give excellent stability over a wide temperature range. Excellent measurement accuracy provides high resolution with a precision greater than 1 in 10,000. Nine pressure ranges have been carefully selected to enable the user to cover any pressure that the application requires, from vacuum up to 5,000 bar, via the use of the ESI-USB digitally self scanning software. 

Each unit requires free download of the ESI-USB software and is supplied with 2m USB lead, rated to IP68, and a convenient carry case. 


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Sensor Technology:

Silicon-on-Sapphire (SoS)

Output Signal:

USB 2.0 compatible

Supply voltage:

5VDC via USB bus

Pressure Reference:

Gauge (default); Absolute reference input by user

Standard Pressure Ranges:

-1 to 2.5 bar; 0 - 16 bar; 0 - 100 bar; 0 - 400 bar;
0 - 1,000 bar; 0 - 1,500 bar; 0 - 2,000 bar; 0 - 4,000 bar,
0 - 5,000 bar

Overpressure Safety:

≤±0.15 % of span BFSL

Accuracy NLHR:

≤±0.15 % of span BFSL

Sample Rate:

User selectable to 1,000 samples per second (1,000 Hz) Resolution: 21 bits for ≤5 Hz; 16 bits for >5-1,000 Hz

Operating Ambient Temperature:

-20°C to +85°C (-4°F to +185°F)

Operating Media Temperature:

-50°C to +125°C (-58°F to +257°F)

Storage Temperature:

+5°C to +40°C (+41°F to +104°F) Recommended Best Practice

Temperature Effects:

±1.5%FS total error band for -10°C to +80°C. Typical thermal zero and span coefficients ±0.015 %FS/°C

Electromagnetic Compatibility:

EN61326-1, EN61326-2-3 (Laboratory equipment)

Wetted Parts:

Titanium alloy

Pressure Media:

All fluids compatible with titanium alloy

Pressure Connection:

1/4" BSP male (G1/4); 1/4" NPT male or F250-C (Autoclave)

Electrical Connection:

    Mating to USB mini B socket for cable connection to PC. Supplied with 2m USB lead rates to IP68 as standard

Software compatibility:

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10



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GD4200-USB02.5AB   GD4200-USB02.5AM   GD4200-USB02.5DE  
GD4200-USB0016AB   GD4200-USB0016AM   GD4200-USB0016DE  
GD4200-USB0100AB   GD4200-USB0100AM   GD4200-USB0100DE  
GD4200-USB0400AB   GD4200-USB0400AM   GD4200-USB0400DE  
GD4200-USB1000AB   GD4200-USB1000AM   GD4200-USB1000DE  
GD4200-USB1500AB   GD4200-USB1500AM   GD4200-USB1500DE  
GD4200-USB2000AB   GD4200-USB2000AM   GD4200-USB2000DE  
GD4200-USB4000AB   GD4200-USB4000AM   GD4200-USB4000DE  
GD4200-USB5000AB   GD4200-USB5000AM   GD4200-USB5000DE