GS4000 ESI OEM Pressure Transducer


• Suitable for the majority of industrial applications
• Pressure ranges available from 0-500 mbar to 0-700 bar (0-7.5 psi to 0-10,000 psi)
• Gauge or Absolute reference
• Reliable pressure measurement
• Long service life
• Robust yet compact designs

The Genspec GS4000 series of general-purpose pressure transducers is designed for applications where economical price and reliable pressure measurement is required. Incorporating bonded strain gauge technology and utilizing unique manufacturing techniques results in a low cost, high quality transducer ideal for O.E.M. applications. 

Constructed from stainless steel with 17/4 PH stainless steel diaphragm for ranges above 20 bar, and a ceramic diaphragm for lower ranges, the GENSPEC series of transducers are of a robust yet compact design. Applications include the continuous monitoring of oil, gas, water, and other liquids in a wide range of industries. 

GENSPEC transducers are compatible with the PM8000 range of panel meters and controllers to produce a simple low cost and accurate pressure measuring and control system. 

Available in pressure ranges from 0-0.5 bar to 0-700 bar (0-7.5 psi to 0-10,000 psi), gauge or absolute and electrical outputs 0-2 mV/V, 0-5 Vdc, 0-10 Vdc, and 4-20 mA (two wire). 


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Sensor Technology:

Ceramic thick film or bonded foil strain gauge

Output Signal:

2 mV/V typical (4 wire)

Supply voltage:

10 VDC (5-15V)

Pressure Reference:

Gauge ( up to 700 bar/10,000 psi) or absolute (up to 25 bar/300 psi)

Protection of supply voltage:

Protected against supply voltage reversal up to 50 V (amplified versions)

Standard pressure ranges:

0-1 bar Vac; 0-0.5 bar;0-1 bar: 0-10 bar: 0-25 bar: 0-100 bar: 0-250 bar: 0-700 bar (other ranges available)
0-30 in Hg; 0-7.6 psi; 0-15 psi; 0-150 psi; 0-300 psi; 0-1,500 psi; 0-3,000 psi; 0-10,000 psi (other ranges available)

Load driving capability:

4-20 mA: RL < [UB - 13 V] / 20 mA (e.g. with supply voltage (UB) of 36V, max. load (RL) is 1150 Ω); 2 mV/V: n/a; 0-5 V: max. load RL > 5 KΩ; 0-10 V: max. load RL > 10 KΩ

Accuracy NLHR:

≤ ±0.4 % of span BFSL

Zero offset and span tolerance:

± 1.0 %FS at room temperature (GS4000/GS4100: ±0.2 mV)

Operating ambient temperature:

-20°C to +85°C (-4°F to +185°F)

Operating media temperature:

-20°C to +85°C (-4°F to +185°F)

Storage temperature:

+5°C to +40°C (+41°F to +104°F) Recommended best practice

Temperature effects:

±2% FS total error band for -20°C to +70°C. Typical thermal zero and span coefficients ±0.03 %FS/°C

Electromagnetic capability:

Emissions: EN61000-6-4; Immunity: EN61000-6-2; Certification: CE Marked

Insulation resistance:

>100 MΩ @ 50 VDC

Response time 10-90%:

1 mS

Wetted parts:

    SAE 303 stainless steel, alumina and nitrile (NBR) seal for ranges up to 20 bar, and 17/4PH and SAE 303 stainless steel for ranges above 20 bar

Pressure media:

All fluids compatible with SAE 303 stainless steel, alumina and nitrile (NBR) seal for ranges up to 20 bar, and 17/4PH stainless steel for ranges above 20 bar

Pressure connection:

1/4" BSP male (G1/4) or 1/4" NPT male (other options available)

Electrical connection:

Mating micro DIN socket EN175301-803 Form C (ex DIN43650), a screw terminal connector rated IP65 (other options available)




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GS4000-V001AB GS4000-V001AM   GS4000AV001AB GS4000AV001AM   GS4000BV001AB GS4000BV001AM   GS4000CV001AB GS4000CV001AM
GS4000-0.05AB GS4000-0.05AM   GS4000A0.05AB GS4000A0.05AM   GS4000B0.05AB GS4000B0.05AM   GS4000C0.05AB GS4000C0.05AM
GS4000-0001AB GS4000-0001AM   GS4000A0001AB GS4000A0001AM   GS4000B0001AB GS4000B0001AM   GS4000C0001AB GS4000C0001AM
GS4000-0010AB GS4000-0010AM   GS4000A0010AB GS4000A0010AM   GS4000B0010AB GS4000B0010AM   GS4000C0010AB GS4000C0010AM
GS4000-0025AB GS4000-0025AM   GS4000A0025AB GS4000A0025AM   GS4000B0025AB GS4000B0025AM   GS4000C0025AB GS4000C0025AM
GS4000-0100AB GS4000-0100AM   GS4000A0100AB GS4000A0100AM   GS4000B0100AB GS4000B0100AM   GS4000C0100AB GS4000C0100AM
GS4000-0250AB GS4000-0250AM   GS4000A0250AB GS4000A0250AM   GS4000B0250AB GS4000B0250AM   GS4000C0250AB GS4000C0250AM
GS4000-0700AB GS4000-0700AM   GS4000A0700AB GS4000A0700AM   GS4000B0700AB GS4000B0700AM   GS4000C0700AB GS4000C0700AM
GS4001-V001AB GS4001-V001AM   GS4001AV001AB GS4001AV001AM   GS4001BV001AB GS4001BV001AM   GS4001CV001AB GS4001CV001AM
GS4001-0.05AB GS4001-0.05AM   GS4001A0.05AB GS4001A0.05AM   GS4001B0.05AB GS4001B0.05AM   GS4001C0.05AB GS4001C0.05AM
GS4001-0001AB GS4001-0001AM   GS4001A0001AB GS4001A0001AM   GS4001B0001AB GS4001B0001AM   GS4001C0001AB GS4001C0001AM
GS4001-0010AB GS4001-0010AM   GS4001A0010AB GS4001A0010AM   GS4001B0010AB GS4001B0010AM   GS4001C0010AB GS4001C0010AM
GS4001-0025AB GS4001-0025AM   GS4001A0025AB GS4001A0025AM   GS4001B0025AB GS4001B0025AM   GS4001C0025AB GS4001C0025AM
GS4001-0100AB GS4001-0100AM   GS4001A0100AB GS4001A0100AM   GS4001B0100AB GS4001B0100AM   GS4001C0100AB GS4001C0100AM
GS4001-0250AB GS4001-0250AM   GS4001A0250AB GS4001A0250AM   GS4001B0250AB GS4001B0250AM   GS4001C0250AB GS4001C0250AM
GS4001-0700AB GS4001-0700AM   GS4001A0700AB GS4001A0700AM   GS4001B0700AB GS4001B0700AM   GS4001C0700AB GS4001C0700AM
GS4011-V001AB GS4011-V001AM   GS4011AV001AB GS4011AV001AM   GS4011BV001AB GS4011BV001AM   GS4011CV001AB GS4011CV001AM
GS4011-0.05AB GS4011-0.05AM   GS4011A0.05AB GS4011A0.05AM   GS4011B0.05AB GS4011B0.05AM   GS4011C0.05AB GS4011C0.05AM
GS4011-0001AB GS4011-0001AM   GS4011A0001AB GS4011A0001AM   GS4011B0001AB GS4011B0001AM   GS4011C0001AB GS4011C0001AM
GS4011-0010AB GS4011-0010AM   GS4011A0010AB GS4011A0010AM   GS4011B0010AB GS4011B0010AM   GS4011C0010AB GS4011C0010AM
GS4011-0025AB GS4011-0025AM   GS4011A0025AB GS4011A0025AM   GS4011B0025AB GS4011B0025AM   GS4011C0025AB GS4011C0025AM
GS4011-0100AB GS4011-0100AM   GS4011A0100AB GS4011A0100AM   GS4011B0100AB GS4011B0100AM   GS4011C0100AB GS4011C0100AM
GS4011-0250AB GS4011-0250AM   GS4011A0250AB GS4011A0250AM   GS4011B0250AB GS4011B0250AM   GS4011C0250AB GS4011C0250AM
GS4011-0700AB GS4011-0700AM   GS4011A0700AB GS4011A0700AM   GS4011B0700AB GS4011B0700AM   GS4011C0700AB GS4011C0700AM
GS4002-V001AB GS4002-V001AM   GS4002AV001AB GS4002AV001AM   GS4002BV001AB GS4002BV001AM   GS4002CV001AB GS4002CV001AM
GS4002-0.05AB GS4002-0.05AM   GS4002A0.05AB GS4002A0.05AM   GS4002B0.05AB GS4002B0.05AM   GS4002C0.05AB GS4002C0.05AM
GS4002-0001AB GS4002-0001AM   GS4002A0001AB GS4002A0001AM   GS4002B0001AB GS4002B0001AM   GS4002C0001AB GS4002C0001AM
GS4002-0010AB GS4002-0010AM   GS4002A0010AB GS4002A0010AM   GS4002B0010AB GS4002B0010AM   GS4002C0010AB GS4002C0010AM
GS4002-0025AB GS4002-0025AM   GS4002A0025AB GS4002A0025AM   GS4002B0025AB GS4002B0025AM   GS4002C0025AB GS4002C0025AM
GS4002-0100AB GS4002-0100AM   GS4002A0100AB GS4002A0100AM   GS4002B0100AB GS4002B0100AM   GS4002C0100AB GS4002C0100AM
GS4002-0250AB GS4002-0250AM   GS4002A0250AB GS4002A0250AM   GS4002B0250AB GS4002B0250AM   GS4002C0250AB GS4002C0250AM
GS4002-0700AB GS4002-0700AM   GS4002A0700AB GS4002A0700AM   GS4002B0700AB GS4002B0700AM   GS4002C0700AB GS4002C0700AM
GS4012-V001AB GS4012-V001AM   GS4012AV001AB GS4012AV001AM   GS4012BV001AB GS4012BV001AM   GS4012CV001AB GS4012CV001AM
GS4012-0.05AB GS4012-0.05AM   GS4012A0.05AB GS4012A0.05AM   GS4012B0.05AB GS4012B0.05AM   GS4012C0.05AB GS4012C0.05AM
GS4012-0001AB GS4012-0001AM   GS4012A0001AB GS4012A0001AM   GS4012B0001AB GS4012B0001AM   GS4012C0001AB GS4012C0001AM
GS4012-0010AB GS4012-0010AM   GS4012A0010AB GS4012A0010AM   GS4012B0010AB GS4012B0010AM   GS4012C0010AB GS4012C0010AM
GS4012-0025AB GS4012-0025AM   GS4012A0025AB GS4012A0025AM   GS4012B0025AB GS4012B0025AM   GS4012C0025AB GS4012C0025AM
GS4012-0100AB GS4012-0100AM   GS4012A0100AB GS4012A0100AM   GS4012B0100AB GS4012B0100AM   GS4012C0100AB GS4012C0100AM
GS4012-0250AB GS4012-0250AM   GS4012A0250AB GS4012A0250AM   GS4012B0250AB GS4012B0250AM   GS4012C0250AB GS4012C0250AM
GS4012-0700AB GS4012-0700AM   GS4012A0700AB GS4012A0700AM   GS4012B0700AB GS4012B0700AM   GS4012C0700AB GS4012C0700AM
GS4003-V001AB GS4003-V001AM   GS4003AV001AB GS4003AV001AM   GS4003BV001AB GS4003BV001AM   GS4003CV001AB GS4003CV001AM
GS4003-0.05AB GS4003-0.05AM   GS4003A0.05AB GS4003A0.05AM   GS4003B0.05AB GS4003B0.05AM   GS4003C0.05AB GS4003C0.05AM
GS4003-0001AB GS4003-0001AM   GS4003A0001AB GS4003A0001AM   GS4003B0001AB GS4003B0001AM   GS4003C0001AB GS4003C0001AM
GS4003-0010AB GS4003-0010AM   GS4003A0010AB GS4003A0010AM   GS4003B0010AB GS4003B0010AM   GS4003C0010AB GS4003C0010AM
GS4003-0025AB GS4003-0025AM   GS4003A0025AB GS4003A0025AM   GS4003B0025AB GS4003B0025AM   GS4003C0025AB GS4003C0025AM
GS4003-0100AB GS4003-0100AM   GS4003A0100AB GS4003A0100AM   GS4003B0100AB GS4003B0100AM   GS4003C0100AB GS4003C0100AM
GS4003-0250AB GS4003-0250AM   GS4003A0250AB GS4003A0250AM   GS4003B0250AB GS4003B0250AM   GS4003C0250AB GS4003C0250AM
GS4003-0700AB GS4003-0700AM   GS4003A0700AB GS4003A0700AM   GS4003B0700AB GS4003B0700AM   GS4003C0700AB GS4003C0700AM
GS4100-V001AB GS4100-V001AM   GS4100AV001AB GS4100AV001AM   GS4100BV001AB GS4100BV001AM   GS4100CV001AB GS4100CV001AM
GS4100-0.05AB GS4100-0.05AM   GS4100A0.05AB GS4100A0.05AM   GS4100B0.05AB GS4100B0.05AM   GS4100C0.05AB GS4100C0.05AM
GS4100-0001AB GS4100-0001AM   GS4100A0001AB GS4100A0001AM   GS4100B0001AB GS4100B0001AM   GS4100C0001AB GS4100C0001AM
GS4100-0010AB GS4100-0010AM   GS4100A0010AB GS4100A0010AM   GS4100B0010AB GS4100B0010AM   GS4100C0010AB GS4100C0010AM
GS4100-0025AB GS4100-0025AM   GS4100A0025AB GS4100A0025AM   GS4100B0025AB GS4100B0025AM   GS4100C0025AB GS4100C0025AM
GS4100-0100AB GS4100-0100AM   GS4100A0100AB GS4100A0100AM   GS4100B0100AB GS4100B0100AM   GS4100C0100AB GS4100C0100AM
GS4100-0250AB GS4100-0250AM   GS4100A0250AB GS4100A0250AM   GS4100B0250AB GS4100B0250AM   GS4100C0250AB GS4100C0250AM
GS4100-0700AB GS4100-0700AM   GS4100A0700AB GS4100A0700AM   GS4100B0700AB GS4100B0700AM   GS4100C0700AB GS4100C0700AM
GS4101-V001AB GS4101-V001AM   GS4101AV001AB GS4101AV001AM   GS4101BV001AB GS4101BV001AM   GS4101CV001AB GS4101CV001AM
GS4101-0.05AB GS4101-0.05AM   GS4101A0.05AB GS4101A0.05AM   GS4101B0.05AB GS4101B0.05AM   GS4101C0.05AB GS4101C0.05AM
GS4101-0001AB GS4101-0001AM   GS4101A0001AB GS4101A0001AM   GS4101B0001AB GS4101B0001AM   GS4101C0001AB GS4101C0001AM
GS4101-0010AB GS4101-0010AM   GS4101A0010AB GS4101A0010AM   GS4101B0010AB GS4101B0010AM   GS4101C0010AB GS4101C0010AM
GS4101-0025AB GS4101-0025AM   GS4101A0025AB GS4101A0025AM   GS4101B0025AB GS4101B0025AM   GS4101C0025AB GS4101C0025AM
GS4101-0100AB GS4101-0100AM   GS4101A0100AB GS4101A0100AM   GS4101B0100AB GS4101B0100AM   GS4101C0100AB GS4101C0100AM
GS4101-0250AB GS4101-0250AM   GS4101A0250AB GS4101A0250AM   GS4101B0250AB GS4101B0250AM   GS4101C0250AB GS4101C0250AM
GS4101-0700AB GS4101-0700AM   GS4101A0700AB GS4101A0700AM   GS4101B0700AB GS4101B0700AM   GS4101C0700AB GS4101C0700AM
GS4111-V001AB GS4111-V001AM   GS4111AV001AB GS4111AV001AM   GS4111BV001AB GS4111BV001AM   GS4111CV001AB GS4111CV001AM
GS4111-0.05AB GS4111-0.05AM   GS4111A0.05AB GS4111A0.05AM   GS4111B0.05AB GS4111B0.05AM   GS4111C0.05AB GS4111C0.05AM
GS4111-0001AB GS4111-0001AM   GS4111A0001AB GS4111A0001AM   GS4111B0001AB GS4111B0001AM   GS4111C0001AB GS4111C0001AM
GS4111-0010AB GS4111-0010AM   GS4111A0010AB GS4111A0010AM   GS4111B0010AB GS4111B0010AM   GS4111C0010AB GS4111C0010AM
GS4111-0025AB GS4111-0025AM   GS4111A0025AB GS4111A0025AM   GS4111B0025AB GS4111B0025AM   GS4111C0025AB GS4111C0025AM
GS4111-0100AB GS4111-0100AM   GS4111A0100AB GS4111A0100AM   GS4111B0100AB GS4111B0100AM   GS4111C0100AB GS4111C0100AM
GS4111-0250AB GS4111-0250AM   GS4111A0250AB GS4111A0250AM   GS4111B0250AB GS4111B0250AM   GS4111C0250AB GS4111C0250AM
GS4111-0700AB GS4111-0700AM   GS4111A0700AB GS4111A0700AM   GS4111B0700AB GS4111B0700AM   GS4111C0700AB GS4111C0700AM
GS4102-V001AB GS4102-V001AM   GS4102AV001AB GS4102AV001AM   GS4102BV001AB GS4102BV001AM   GS4102CV001AB GS4102CV001AM
GS4102-0.05AB GS4102-0.05AM   GS4102A0.05AB GS4102A0.05AM   GS4102B0.05AB GS4102B0.05AM   GS4102C0.05AB GS4102C0.05AM
GS4102-0001AB GS4102-0001AM   GS4102A0001AB GS4102A0001AM   GS4102B0001AB GS4102B0001AM   GS4102C0001AB GS4102C0001AM
GS4102-0010AB GS4102-0010AM   GS4102A0010AB GS4102A0010AM   GS4102B0010AB GS4102B0010AM   GS4102C0010AB GS4102C0010AM
GS4102-0025AB GS4102-0025AM   GS4102A0025AB GS4102A0025AM   GS4102B0025AB GS4102B0025AM   GS4102C0025AB GS4102C0025AM
GS4102-0100AB GS4102-0100AM   GS4102A0100AB GS4102A0100AM   GS4102B0100AB GS4102B0100AM   GS4102C0100AB GS4102C0100AM
GS4102-0250AB GS4102-0250AM   GS4102A0250AB GS4102A0250AM   GS4102B0250AB GS4102B0250AM   GS4102C0250AB GS4102C0250AM
GS4102-0700AB GS4102-0700AM   GS4102A0700AB GS4102A0700AM   GS4102B0700AB GS4102B0700AM   GS4102C0700AB GS4102C0700AM
GS4112-V001AB GS4112-V001AM   GS4112AV001AB GS4112AV001AM   GS4112BV001AB GS4112BV001AM   GS4112CV001AB GS4112CV001AM
GS4112-0.05AB GS4112-0.05AM   GS4112A0.05AB GS4112A0.05AM   GS4112B0.05AB GS4112B0.05AM   GS4112C0.05AB GS4112C0.05AM
GS4112-0001AB GS4112-0001AM   GS4112A0001AB GS4112A0001AM   GS4112B0001AB GS4112B0001AM   GS4112C0001AB GS4112C0001AM
GS4112-0010AB GS4112-0010AM   GS4112A0010AB GS4112A0010AM   GS4112B0010AB GS4112B0010AM   GS4112C0010AB GS4112C0010AM
GS4112-0025AB GS4112-0025AM   GS4112A0025AB GS4112A0025AM   GS4112B0025AB GS4112B0025AM   GS4112C0025AB GS4112C0025AM
GS4112-0100AB GS4112-0100AM   GS4112A0100AB GS4112A0100AM   GS4112B0100AB GS4112B0100AM   GS4112C0100AB GS4112C0100AM
GS4112-0250AB GS4112-0250AM   GS4112A0250AB GS4112A0250AM   GS4112B0250AB GS4112B0250AM   GS4112C0250AB GS4112C0250AM
GS4112-0700AB GS4112-0700AM   GS4112A0700AB GS4112A0700AM   GS4112B0700AB GS4112B0700AM   GS4112C0700AB GS4112C0700AM
GS4103-V001AB GS4103-V001AM   GS4103AV001AB GS4103AV001AM   GS4103BV001AB GS4103BV001AM   GS4103CV001AB GS4103CV001AM
GS4103-0.05AB GS4103-0.05AM   GS4103A0.05AB GS4103A0.05AM   GS4103B0.05AB GS4103B0.05AM   GS4103C0.05AB GS4103C0.05AM
GS4103-0001AB GS4103-0001AM   GS4103A0001AB GS4103A0001AM   GS4103B0001AB GS4103B0001AM   GS4103C0001AB GS4103C0001AM
GS4103-0010AB GS4103-0010AM   GS4103A0010AB GS4103A0010AM   GS4103B0010AB GS4103B0010AM   GS4103C0010AB GS4103C0010AM
GS4103-0025AB GS4103-0025AM   GS4103A0025AB GS4103A0025AM   GS4103B0025AB GS4103B0025AM   GS4103C0025AB GS4103C0025AM
GS4103-0100AB GS4103-0100AM   GS4103A0100AB GS4103A0100AM   GS4103B0100AB GS4103B0100AM   GS4103C0100AB GS4103C0100AM
GS4103-0250AB GS4103-0250AM   GS4103A0250AB GS4103A0250AM   GS4103B0250AB GS4103B0250AM   GS4103C0250AB GS4103C0250AM
GS4103-0700AB GS4103-0700AM   GS4103A0700AB GS4103A0700AM   GS4103B0700AB GS4103B0700AM   GS4103C0700AB GS4103C0700AM