GHRA-750-A LVDT AC Position Sensor Air Extend - Spring Retract

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• Air Extend / Spring Retract AC LVDT sensor
• 1/2"-20 mounting thread, 0.75" OD stainless steel housing
• Stroke lengths from ±0.050 to ± 2.0 inches
• Non-linearity better than ±0.25% of FS
• Sealed to IP68

The HGSI GHRA-750-A Series of 3/4 inch (19 mm) diameter AC-operated LVDTs are designed for a wide range of position measurement applications. These rugged hermetically sealed sensors are constructed entirely of stainless steel, and are intended for general industrial use. The coil windings are sealed against hostile environments to IEC standard IP-68 and input/output connections are made through a sealed radial connector. The radial connector offers two important benefits. First, it results in a through-bore design, which allows for air purging of the sensor's bearings to remove potential contaminants. The second advantage is shorter installed length compared to units of the same range with axial connectors.

The sensor consists of a spring loaded shaft running in a precision sleeve bearing and connected to the core of an LVDT. The use of a precision sleeve bearing results in measurement repeatability of 0.000025 inches (0.6 micron) or better. The output from the LVDT can be connected to any standard LVDT signal conditioner and then passed to a gaging column display, digital readout, or computer based data acquisition system.

The GHRA-750-A is designed for a wide range of cycled position measurement and automated dimensional gaging applications where it is necessary or desirable to move the probe out of the way between readings. The shaft is extended by introduction of a low-pressure (10-30 psi), clean, dry air supply, with a regulated flow, through a 1/4 inch barbed fitting on the end of the unit. With the release of pressure, an internal spring returns the probe to its normal fully retracted position.

Available in ranges of ±0.050 inch (±1.25 mm) to ±2.00 inches (±50.0 mm), the maximum linearity error is ±0.25% of full range output using a statistically best-fit straight line derived by the least squares method.

For simplified mounting the GHRA-750-A Series have a 1/2-20 UNF-2A thread on the front of the housing, permitting the user to install the LVDT in a mating threaded part or by using the two hex nuts furnished with the sensor. This results in a ready-to-use package for position measurements and longer range gaging applications.

All GHRA-750-A Series LVDTs will operate properly with any conventional differential input LVDT signal conditioners, but operation with ratiometric LVDT signal conditioning is not recommended. HGSI offers a full line of LVDT signal conditioners that will deliver optimum performance from any GHRA-750-A Series LVDT.

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Technical Specifications

Input Voltage:

3 Vrms (nominal)

Input Frequency:

2.5 to 3.0 kHz

Linearity Error:

<±0.25% of FRO


<0.000025 inch (0.6 µm)

Operating Temperature:

-55°C to +105°C (65°F to +220°F)

Thermal Coefficient of Sensitivity:

-0.02%/°C (nominal) / -0.01%/°F (nominal)




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