API 4385G - DC to DC Isolated Transmitter - FIeld Configurable - NIZSP


• DC Voltage Input: 0-50 mV to 0-20 V
• DC Bipolar Voltage Input: +/- 50 mV to +/- 10 V
• DC Current Input 0-1 mA to 20 mA
• DC Output: 0-1 V, 0-5 V, 0-10 V, +/- 5 V, +/- 10 V, 4-20 mA, etc.
• Field-Configurable by User
• Non-Interactive Zero & Span Adjustment Pots

The API 4385 G accepts a DC voltage or current input and provides an optically isolated DC voltage or current output that is linearly related to the input.

Typical applications include signal isolation, signal conversion, signal boosting or a combination of the three. 

The optical isolation between input and output makes this module useful for ground loop elimination, common mode signal rejection or noise pickup reduction. The module power supply is isolated, resulting in full 3-way (input, output, power) isolation.

The API 4385 G input, output and zero offset can be field-configured via external rotary and slide switches. Zero offset is adjustable in 15% increments to a maximum of ±100% of span. Common range settings are on the module label.

Non-interactive zero and span adjustments simplifies calibration. Output reversal (4-20 mA input to 20-4 mA output) can be changed via an internal jumper.

API exclusive features include two LoopTracker LEDs and a Functional Test Pushbutton. The LoopTracker LEDs (Green for input, Red for output) vary in intensity with changes in the process input and output signals. Monitoring the state of these LEDs can provide a quick visual picture of your process loop at all times.

The functional test pushbutton provides a fixed output (independent of the input) when held depressed. The test output level can be field-adjusted via a multi-turn potentiometer. Both the LoopTracker LEDs and functional test pushbutton greatly aid in saving time during initial startup and/or troubleshooting. 

The built-in 18 VDC unregulated loop excitation power supply can be used to power passive input devices. The API 4385 G plugs into an industry standard 8-pin octal socket sold separately. Sockets API 008 and finger-safe API 008 FS allow either DIN rail or panel mounting.


API Module Power Options
API Plug In Mounting Socket
API Response Time
1 Week
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Field Rangeable; Via external rotary & slide switches
Voltage: 0-50 mVDC to 0-20 VDC
Bipolar Voltage: +/- 50 mVDC to +/- 10 VDC
Current: 0-1 mADC to 0-20 mADC

Field Rangeable; Via external rotary & slide switches
Voltage: 0-1 VDC to 0-10 VDC
Bipolar Voltage: +/- 1 VDC to +/- 10 VDC
Current (20 V compliance): 0-1 mADC to 0-20 mADC

Full 2000 Vrms Input/Output/Power Isolation

1 minute setup for hundreds of I/O ranges
Non-Interactive zero & span adjustment potentiometers
I/O LoopTracker LEDs
Output test button
18 V loop power supply
Uses API-008 8-pin socket
115 VAC powered
D option for 9-30 VDC power
DF option for Fast Response Time

Isolate, convert, boost, rescale process signals
Interface process signals with panel meters, recorders, recorders, data acquisition systems, PLCs, DCS & SCADA systems


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