APD 4380 - DC to DC Isolated Transmitter - Field Configurable


• DC Voltage Input: 0-10 mV to 0-130 V
• DC Bipolar Voltage Input: +/- 5 mV to +/- 65 V
• DC Current Input 0-200 uA to 50 mA
• DC Output: 0-1 V, 0-5 V, 0-10 V, +/- 5 V, +/- 10 V, 4-20 mA, etc.
• Field-Configurable by User

The APD 4380 accepts a DC voltage or current input and provides an optically isolated DC voltage or current output that is linearly related to the input. Typical applications include signal isolation, conversion, boosting or a combination of the three.

Full 3-way isolation (input, output, power) makes this module useful for ground loop elimination, common mode signal rejection or noise pickup reduction.


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DC Input Ranges
Field selectable ranges and offsets via switch settings
Voltage: 0-10 mVDC to 0-130 VDC
Bipolar voltage: ±5 mVDC to ±65 VDC
Current: 0-200 μADC to 0-50 mADC
Input offset: ±100% in 15% increments

Input Impedance (Voltage)Voltage
1 MΩ minimum
Current: 50 Ω typical
Voltage burden: 1 VDC at 20 mA current input

Common Mode Rejection
100 dB minimum

Input Loop Power Supply
15 VDC ±10%, regulated, 25 mADC
May be selectively wired for sinking or sourcing mA input

DC Output Ranges
Field selectable ranges and offsets via switch settings
Voltage (10 mA max): 0-1 VDC to 0-10 VDC
Bipolar voltage: ±5 VDC or ±10 VDC
Current: 0-2 mADC to 0-20 mADC, 4-20 mADC
20 V compliance, 1000 Ω at 20 mA

Output Ripple and Noise
Less than 10 mVRMS ripple and noise

Better than ±0.1% of span

Ambient Temperature Range and Stability
–10°C to +60°C operating ambient
Better than ±0.02% of span per °C stability

Response Time
70 milliseconds typical
1 millisecond typical with DF option

1200 VRMS minimum
Full isolation: power to input, power to output, input to output


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