How to Connect the PMD-MXT Temperature Scanner to a PC

The PMD-MXT series microprocessor-based Temperature Scanners provide continuous monitoring of up to 32 channels of Thermocouple or RTD sensors. In this video we review how to connect the PMD-MXT scanner to a PC using an RS485-to-USB converter.

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Let’s begin with the wiring.

  • First, connect 24 volts DC power to the scanner
  • Then connect your RS485 peripheral to the scanner

Next you’ll want to check the port settings.

  • From the Start Menu, search for The Device Manager
  • In Device Manager, scroll down until you find Ports.
    • We recommend making a note of what ports are already listed. Depending on what peripherals are currently connected to the PC, there may be no ports listed.
    • Plug the RS485 peripheral into the PC’s USB port. You should see a new “Port” appear under Ports (COM & LPT). Make note of the new COM port number
  • Right click on the new port and select “Properties”, then the port settings tab, and make sure the settings are as follows:
    • Bits Per Second: 9600
    • Data Bits: 8
    • Parity: None
    • Stop Bits: 1
    • Flow Control: None

Then click ok

Finally, launch the PMD-MXT software application.

  • Once the software opens, the port number will appear in the top left corner. Make sure this matches the COM Port Number you noted earlier from the device manager

Then press connect to complete the process

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