SSP-RTD Surface Mount Stick On RTD Sensor - PT100 3-Wire

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RTD Cable Length
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• PT100 Class A RTD Element
• 24 AWG FEP insulated conductors, stranded
• Easy installation, remove backing and press self-adhering Kapton
(TM) Polyimide tape to surface

Made in the USA

The Surface Mount Stick On RTD PT100 Sensor is designed for use in R&D and Testing applications. The self-adhering Kapton (TM) Polyimide tape patch will stick to clean, dry, smooth surfaces. For best results surface may need to be prepared beforehand by burnishing smooth. Kapton (TM) Polyimide tape patch can also be cemented to surface using an air set type Epoxy cement.

The Surface Mount Stick On RTD PT100 Sensor is designed to deliver high performance temperature measurements, reliably and consistently. These temperature sensors are designed for Research and Development, test labs, manufacturing engineering and production environments. They can be customized for OEM applications as well.

Contact us for volume pricing. Custom configurations available.

RTD Specifications:
• RTD element PT100Ω, single, 3-wire, α =0.00385
• Thin Film Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector, 100Ω at 0°C
• Class A accuracy (+/- 0.15°C), DIN EN 60751
• Operating Temperature Range Range -50 to 500°F (-45 to 260°C)
• RTD Element dimensions 0.09 inch tall x 0.08 inch wide x 0.04 inch thick (2.3 mm tall x 2.1 mm wide x 0.9 mm thick)
• Kapton (TM) Polyimide Tape Patch dimensions 2.0 inch long x 1.0 inch wide (50 mm long x 25 mm wide)
• 24 AWG FEP insulated conductors, stranded
• 6 foot (1.8 meter) or 15 foot (4.5 meter) lead wire
• Response time 3 seconds