PMD-MXT Series Multi-Point Temperature Scanner Overview

The PMD-MXT series microprocessor-based temperature scanners provide continuous monitoring of up to 32 thermocouple or RTD sensors.

With large 14 mm tall LED’s, the displayed temperature values are easy to read, even at a distance. Two rows of annunciators show the status of each individual channel’s alarm state.

Removable screw terminal blocks make signal connection to the scanner fast and convenient.

The scanner's display will auto cycle at a user defined rate from 1 to 10 seconds per channel. The display can also be cycled manually using the front panel keyboard.

Concerned about high operating temperatures damaging your equipment? The scanner has 2 user-configurable alarms. During an alarm condition the corresponding channel’s front panel LED annunciator is enabled & an internal relay contact output is engaged.

Remote monitoring and programming of your PMD-MXT series Temperature Scanner is accomplished using the RS-485 serial communication port and included Graphical User Interface software.

The scanner is manufactured from high quality materials for optimum performance in your critical monitoring application.

Click the link below to order a PMD-MXT Temperature Scanner!

PMD-MXT 8, 16, 25, or 32 Channel Temperature Scanner

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