Overview of LVIT Linear Position Sensor Technology & Applications

An overview of LVIT linear position sensor technology and its applications

The word LVIT is an acronym for Linear, Variable, Inductance, and Transducer. The simplest way to describe it is that it's like an electronic ruler. LVIT sensor give an electrical output signal that tells a computer a digital readout.

The position of an object that is mechanically connected to an LVIT has an excellent price-performance ratio compared to other linear-position sensor technologies because they are frictionless and don't wear out. They are simple to mount and have an outstanding stroke-to-length ratio.

An LVIT uses a high-resolution inductive sensing coil element coupled to built-in smart electronics. A conductive tube — referred to as a spoiler — travels over the coil element, changing the inductance. The smart electronics then generate an analog or digital output signal that is proportional to the change in stroke. We can provide custom analog or digital outputs for OEM requirements as well.

LVIT's can be used in almost all industrial or commercial environments. Power plants utilize LVIT's for monitoring valve positions. They are used in automated assembly machines for gauging part tolerances.

LVIT sensors can be found in agricultural vehicles for steering position feedback. LVIT's are rugged, sustaining high levels of shock and vibration. They are exceptionally good at operating in harsh environments such as automotive suspension testing applications.

There's a lot of craftsmanship that goes into the making of an LVIT. These sensors have precision coils that require special whining equipment, years of engineering experience and coil design, and application know-how.

Along with that, detailed assembly techniques require years of experience to build quality products day in and day out. A significant amount of investment must also be made into test equipment required for temperature compensation and calibration.

Choosing the right displacement sensor technology can be a real challenge. We have years of experience in providing applications engineering assistance in real-world challenges and helping engineering teams solve challenging applications where nothing else would work.

We welcome our customers to contact us with any questions they might have, whether they be an overview of their application or technical assistance.

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