GH-750-A Series Spring Loaded LVDT Overview

The GH-750-A series of AC Spring Loaded Linear Position Sensors offer reliable long-life operation utilizing LVDT linear variable differential transformer technology.

GH-750-A series LVDTs are versatile devices that are used in a wide range of commercial and industrial gauging applications, including Laboratory R&D Materials Testing, Industrial Gauging Test Stands, & Factory Automation.

The sensor shaft of the GH-750-A series LVDT is spring loaded and guided by a pair of precision sleeve bearings. These hermetically sealed sensors are constructed entirely of stainless steel and are resistant to dust, water, temperature, shock, and vibration. For the air-extend option, the shaft is extended by introduction of a low pressure (10-30 psi), clean, dry air supply, with a regulated flow, through a ¼” barbed fitting on the end of the unit.

The GH-750  Series contains three gauging probe body options to suit the needs of your application. Choose from the GH-750 with an axial connector. The GHR-750 with a right angle connector, or the air-extended GHRA-075 with a right angle connector.

GH-750 Series Gauging Probes are available in measuring ranges from 0.02 inches to 0.2 inches.

These rugged AC LVDTs are built without internal electronics, allowing them to withstand extreme operating conditions. As a result, an external signal conditioner is required for these gauging probes.

HGSI offers a full line of compatible AC LVDT signal conditioners for use with these LVDT sensors.

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