GT-750-A Linear LVDT Spring Loaded

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LVDT Bi-Polar Measuring Range

The HGSI GT-750-A series of short range spring loaded position sensors were developed for cost sensitive applications requiring LVDT reliability and performance. Available in ranges of ±0.10 inches to ±0.30 inches, these sensors offer the excellent measurement capabilities of an LVDT at very economical prices.

The sensor shaft is spring loaded and guided by a nylon sleeve bearings.  These sensors are constructed of stainless steel and are resistant to dust, temperature, shock, and vibration.

The GT-750-A series will operate with most any conventional differential input AC LVDT signal conditioner, but operation with ratiometric signal conditioning is not recommended. HGSI offers a full line of compatible AC LVDT signal conditioners. Please contact us for a recommendation.

Part Numbers

GT-750-A-100   Travel: +/- 0.100 inch (+/- 2.5 mm)
GT-750-A-200   Travel: +/- 0.200 inch (+/- 5.0 mm)
GT-750-A-300   Travel: +/- 0.300 inch (+/- 7.5 mm)

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage: 3 Vrms (nominal)
Input Frequency: 3 kHz (nominal)

Linearity Error: ≤ ± 0.5% of reading typical
Repeatability: 0.01% of FS

Operating Temperature: -30 to 105°C (-20 to 220°F)
Thermal Coefficient: < -0.03%/°C of FS

Housing: Stainless Steel
Contact Tip: AGD #9 hardened tool steel, chrome plated, M2,5 male thread interchangeable
Sleeve Bearings:  Nylon
Integral Cable: 1 foot (0.3 m) long, FEP Teflon outer jacket

Life Expectancy: > 10 million cycles
Shock Rating: 1000g, 11 mS
Vibration Rating: 20 g to 2 kHz
IP Rating: IEC IP65