GBP-315-A Linear LVDT Gauging Probe Spring Loaded

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LVDT Bi-Polar Measuring Range


The HGSI GBP-315-A series spring loaded linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) gauging probes are 8 mm diameter pencil-type gauging probes used for ultra-precise dimensional measurement. These spring loaded sensors are ideal for use in industrial and laboratory applications including QC, SPC, metrology, and dimensional gauging.

The sensor shaft is spring loaded and guided by a precision linear ball bearing assembly. The non-rotating probe shaft minimizes radial play and effects of side loading. These sensors are constructed of stainless steel and are resistant to dust, temperature, shock, and vibration.

The GBP-315-A series will operate with most any conventional differential input AC LVDT signal conditioner, but operation with ratiometric signal conditioning is not recommended. HGSI offers a full line of compatible AC LVDT signal conditioners. Please contact us for a recommendation.

Part Numbers

GBP-315-A-040   Travel: +/- 0.040 inch (+/- 1.0 mm)
GBP-315-A-100   Travel: +/- 0.100 inch (+/- 2.5 mm)
GBP-315-A-200   Travel: +/- 0.200 inch (+/- 5.0 mm)


Technical Specifications

Input Voltage: 3 Vrms (nominal)
Input Frequency: 3 kHz (nominal)

Linearity Error: ≤ ± 0.5% of reading typical
Repeatability: ≤ 0.000006 inches (0.15 µm)

Operating Temperature: 5 to 80°C (40 to 176°F)
Thermal Coefficient: < -0.01%/°C of FS

Housing: Stainless Steel
Contact Tip: AGD #9 hardened tool steel, chrome plated, M2,5 male thread interchangeable
Bellows: Fluoroelastomer
Integral Cable: 6.5 foot (2m) long, foil shielded, with drain wire, PUR polyurethane outer jacket

Life Expectancy: > 10 million cycles
Shock Rating: 1000g, 11 mS
Vibration Rating: 20 g to 2 kHz
IP Rating: IEC IP65