USB Communications Cable for Use with HGSI Brand LVITs

USB-to-TTL communications and power cable for use with Harold G. Schaevitz Industries LVITs

FTDI Chip makes a USB-to-serial converter cable which provides connectivity between a USB port and a serial UART interface that supports +3.3 Volt TTL ASCII communications with an HGSI LVIT.

Recommended Product: FTDI Chip Products USB-to-TTL cable: p/n TTL-232R-3V3-WE

With Windows 7 or higher, no driver is needed for the FTDI cable. Determine which COM port the FTDI USB cable is using and utilize that COM port with a Terminal Program such as PuTTY, Hyper Terminal, or a similar terminal program, with COM port Communication Parameters set as follows:
Baud rate: 9600
Parity: None
Bits: 8
Stop bit: 1
Flow control: None
Echo: On

Connect the CTS lead (Brn) to the GND lead (Blk), which then connects to the LVIT’s Ground. Connect a 1N4148 diode or a similar equivalent between the RXD (Yel) and the TXD (Org) lines, with its anode tied to the RXD lead, which then connects to the LVIT’s data communications line.

Note: If the USB port’s +5 V DC is being used to power the LVIT sensor, connect the LVIT’s power input to the VCC (Red) lead. If not, make no connections to the VCC (Red) or RTS (Grn) leads. Instead, cut them off and insulate each one from the other leads.

FTDI USB Cable for LVIT Schematic

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