LPPS-MSL Series Mini Linear Potentiometer Position Sensor Spring Loaded

LPPS-MSL Series Spring Loaded Linear Potentiometer position sensors are used to monitor and track the linear motion or position of a target.  The captive guided spring-loaded shaft incorporates an external helical compression spring to maintain constant contact with the part under measurement.  These compact sized sensors are only 16mm OD making them ideal for installations with limited space.  The LPPS-MSL series sensor is made from industrial duty materials for resistance to dust, temperature, shock, and vibration and are engineered for use in a wide range of gauging applications including laboratory, automotive, industrial, motion control, medical, and aerospace.



• Spring Loaded Linear Potentiometer

• Stroke lengths available from 5 to 100 mm (0.2 to to 4 inches)

• Compact Size, housing is only 16 mm diameter

• Environmental rating of IP61

• -40°C to 95°C operating temperature range


Product Link: https://www.hgsind.com/product/lpps-msl-series-mini-linear-potentiometer-position-sensor-spring-loaded


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