Overview of LPPS-MSL Series Linear Potentiometer Position Sensor

An overview of the LPPS-MSL series Linear Potentiometer Position Sensor


The LPPS-MSL series of linear potentiometer position sensors from Harold G. Schaevitz Industries are low-cost, simple to apply, absolute position measurement devices.

LPPS-MSL spring loaded linear potentiometers are used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, including materials testing, automotive research & development, gauging systems, and industrial processing equipment.

The slim 16 mm O.D. housing is constructed of aluminum and features M8 threads ease of mounting. 

Internally, LPPS-MSL linear potentiometers use a conductive plastic film element and precious metal wiper, ensuring low-noise, high-resolution performance, without the need for an external signal conditioner.

LPPS-MSL linear potentiometers are available in measuring ranges up to 2 inches.

LPPS-MSL linear potentiometers are cost-effective, dependable, and have an excellent stroke-to-length ratio, making them an ideal solution for your demanding application.

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