How to Install a Mini Thermocouple Connector Wire Clamp Bracket

How to install a Mini Thermocouple Connector Wire Clamp Bracket.

- Screwdriver
- Mini Thermocouple Connector
- Grommet
- Bracket
- Clamp
- Pair of 0.37” long screws
- Pair of 0.29” long screws

- Remove cover from connector.
- Remove both screws from cover and discard.
- Slide grommet over wire.
- Loosen screw terminals that hold wires in place.
- Secure wires under screw terminals.
- Replace cover.
- Place bracket on top of cover.
- Secure bracket with 0.37” long screws.
- Flip connector over.
- Secure clamp & wires with 0.29” long screws.

Installation successful! Thanks for watching!