How to change the DPG-SD series gauge Temperature Units from Fahrenheit to Celsius

Once the gauge is powered on we are ready to begin the procedure.

Currently the gauge is displaying 212 degrees Fahrenheit. This can be changed to Celsius using the meter’s Change Temperature Units Function.

Begin by pressing the GEAR key once (x1)

Next, using the up & right arrow keys, enter the programming code 0089

Once the code is in the display press the GEAR key once (x1)

The gauge is now in the programming mode The display will read “CorF” Press the GEAR key once (1x) to enter the parameter setting mode.

To change the setting from Fahrenheit to Celsius press the UP ARROW KEY once (1x) until the display changes from “F” to “C”.

Then press the GEAR key once to save the value in the microprocessor’s memory.

Press the UP arrow four times (4x) until END is in the display window.

Then press the GEAR key once (x1) to exit the programming mode.

The gauge now displays the temperature value in Celsius and is ready for operation.

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