HI2200 / HI2300 High Temperature High Precision Pressure Transducer


• High operating and ambient temperatures of up to 200ºC
• Pressure ranges to 1,500 bar
• High accuracy
• Temperature compensated option 
• Good chemical compatibility for a range of applications
• A range of electrical and process connections available

HISPEC - HI2200/2300 series of high temperature pressure transducers with state-of-the-art Silicon on-Sapphire sensor technology offer levels of accuracy and  performance previously unobtainable or prohibitively expensive. It is capable of operating at a constant 200 °C both media and ambient. The advanced sensor design consists of a piezoresistive silicon strain gauge circuit, which is epitaxially grown onto the surface of a sapphire diaphragm to form a single crystalline structure. The sapphire sensor element is then molecularly bonded to a titanium alloy sub-diaphragm. This enables the sensor to endure higher over- pressures and provides superb
corrosion resistance. The sensor exhibits virtually no hysteresis and excellent long-term stability. With outstanding insulation properties, the sapphire substrate protects the strain gauge circuit and allows the sensor to operate over a very wide temperature range without loss of performance.

With pressure ranges from 0-1 bar to 0- 1,500 bar, the high temperature HISPEC transducer is available in two options; model HI2200 offers a non-compensated and un-rationalised signal output of between 10 mV/V and 20 mV/V, whilst model HI2300 is fully temperature compensated with a rationalised 10 mV/V signal output. All models are available with either PTFE cable outlet or military bayonet style plug to MIL-C-26482, both of which are rated for use at 200 °C. This means that not only does the transducer perform effectively at high media temperatures but uniquely can be used in environments where there are elevated ambient temperatures of up to 200 °C. For instance this device may be mounted inside an oven or thermal chamber.


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HI2200-V001AB HI2200-V001AM   HI2300-V001AB HI2300-V001AM
HI2200-0001AB HI2200-0001AM   HI2300-0001AB HI2300-0001AM
HI2200-0010AB HI2200-0010AM   HI2300-0010AB HI2300-0010AM
HI2200-0025AB HI2200-0025AM   HI2300-0025AB HI2300-0025AM
HI2200-0100AB HI2200-0100AM   HI2300-0100AB HI2300-0100AM
HI2200-0250AB HI2200-0250AM   HI2300-0250AB HI2300-0250AM
HI2200-0700AB HI2200-0700AM   HI2300-0700AB HI2300-0700AM
HI2200-1500AB HI2200-1500AM   HI2300-1500AB HI2300-1500AM
HI2210-V001AB HI2210-V001AM   HI2310-V001AB HI2310-V001AM
HI2210-0001AB HI2210-0001AM   HI2310-0001AB HI2310-0001AM
HI2210-0010AB HI2210-0010AM   HI2310-0010AB HI2310-0010AM
HI2210-0025AB HI2210-0025AM   HI2310-0025AB HI2310-0025AM
HI2210-0100AB HI2210-0100AM   HI2310-0100AB HI2310-0100AM
HI2210-0250AB HI2210-0250AM   HI2310-0250AB HI2310-0250AM
HI2210-0700AB HI2210-0700AM   HI2310-0700AB HI2310-0700AM
HI2210-1500AB HI2210-1500AM   HI2310-1500AB HI2310-1500AM