How to Identify a Suco Series 01 Pressure Switch

Please note, this video is specific to the following Suco 01 series pressure switches.

Begin by locating the short form six-digit part number embossed on the body of the switch. 

In this example the short form part number is 660703.

The first two numbers represent the series of switch.  In this example, the 66 indicates a 0166 series diaphragm pressure switch.

Now, visit the Manuals & Datasheets section of our website and download a copy of the switch's data sheet. 

You’ll need this to determine the switch’s full part number. 

The third, fourth, fifth, and sixth numbers represent the switch's adjustment range and thread. 

In this example, the 0703 indicates a 0166 series diaphragm pressure switch with a 1 to 10 bar adjustment range, normally open, and a 1/4-inch BSPP thread.

There may be characters embossed above the short form part number. If present, these represent the factory pre-adjusted pressure set point, measured in bar, and the switch type. If these characters are not present, the switch set point was not pre-set by the factory.

In this example, the 1,0 defines the set point pressure in bar, and the E indicates this switch type is normally open.

Next, rotate the switch 180 degrees. There, you will find additional characters representing the manufacture date and the diaphragm sealing material. Here we see JN1.

The J and N represent the year and month the switch was made, which in this example is November 2017.

The number 1 represents the diaphragm sealing material, which in this example is NBR, and is the final character needed to determine the full part number.

In some instances, there will be a 3-digit number above this, which signifies a special version of the switch. In this event, please contact the Sensor Connection for more information.

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