Steam Turbine Position Sensor Cross Reference GE and Westinghouse to TE Macro Sensors LVRTs and LVDTs

Cross reference for OEM part numbers to TE Macro Sensors part numbers pertaining to GE and Siemens Westinghouse Steam Turbine Control Valve Position Sensors. This includes sensors for conditioning, stop, feed water boiler pump valves and other control valve position sensors in Steam Turbine Control systems.
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Cross Reference General Electric Steam Turbine Part Numbers to TE Macro Sensors LVRTs
Part Number Model Number Notes
119C9638P001 VRT 1250-4000-0209  
119C9638P002 VRT 1250-5000-0210  
119C9638P003 VRT 1250-3000-0211  
119C9638P004 VRT 1250-4000-0212  
119C9639P001 VRT 1250-6000-0213  
119C9639P002 VRT 1250-7000-0214  
119C9639P003 VRT 1250-8000-0215  
119C9639P004 VRT 1250-9000-0216  
119C9639P005 VRT 1250-9000-0217  
119C9639P101 VRT 1250-6000-0213  
119C9639P102 VRT 1250-7000-0214  
119C9639P103 VRT 1250-8000-0215  
119C9639P104 VRT 1250-9000-0216  
119C9639P105 VRT 1250-9000-0217  
125C6337P001 VRT 1250-7000-0214 1
125C6337P002 VRT 1250-7000-0214 1
141B9272P001 VRT 1250-1000-0531 2
196C8768P001 VRT 1250-4000-0270  
196C8768P002 VRT 1250-3000-0269  
196C8768P003 VRT 1250-2000-0268  
196C8768P004 VRT 1250-4000-0271  
196C8768P005 VRT 1250-2000-0268  
196C8768P101 VRT 1250-4000-0270  
196C8768P102 VRT 1250-3000-0269  
196C8768P103 VRT 1250-2000-0268  
196C8768P104 VRT 1250-4000-0271  
196C8768P105 VRT 1250-2000-0268  
313A3090P001 VRT 1250-4000-0270 1,2,3
313A6353P001 VRT 1250-7500-0565 1,2,3
341A3614P001 VRT 1250-2000-0153  
341A3614P002 VRT 1250-2000-0153  
364A1082P001 VRT 1250-1000-0531 1,2,3
436C568P001 VRT 1250-6500-0564 1,2
436C568P002 VRT 1250-7500-0565 1,2
436C568P003 VRT 1250-8000-0566 1,2
436C568P004 VRT 1250-5500-0563 1,2
436C568P005 VRT-1250-5000-0562 1,2
751C749P001 VRT 1250-4000-0270 1,2
751C749P002 VRT 1250-3000-0269 1,2
751C749P003 VRT 1250-2000-0268 1,2
751C749P004 VRT 1250-4000-0271 1

Cross Reference Westinghouse Steam Turbine Part Numbers to TE Macro Sensors LVDTs

Part Number                   Model Number  
400A127001 PRDC-812-3000-0265  
400A127002 PRDC-812-2000 1
4242C31001 PRW-1000-2005-0391  
4242C32001 PRW-1000-3005-0320  
4292C84010 PRW-1000-2002-010  
4292C84G01 PRW-1000-2001-001  
4292C84G02 PRW-1000-2001-002  
4292C84G03 PRW-1000-2001-003  
4292C84G04 PRW-1000-2001-004  
4292C84G05 PRW-1000-2001-005  
4596D16001 PRW-1000-2000-001  
4596D16G01 PRW-1000-2000-001  
4596D16G02 PRW-1000-2000-002  
4596D16G03 PRW-1000-2000-003  
4596D16G04 PRW-1000-2000-004  
4652D29014 PRW-1500-10000-014 5,6
4652D29015 PRW-1500-10000-015 4,6
4652D29016 PRW-1500-10000-016 5,6
4652D29017 PRW-1500-10000-017 4,6
4789D36G01 PRW-1500-10002-001 1,5
4789D36G02 PRW-1500-10002-002 1,4
738J204001 PRW-1000-5000-001  
738J204002 PRW-1000-5000-002  
738J204003 PRW-1000-5000-003  
738J204004 PRW-1000-5000-004  
738J204005 PRW-1000-5000-005  
738J204006 PRW-1000-5000-006  
738J204007 PRW-1000-5000-007  
738J204008 PRW-1000-5000-008  
741J872001 PRW-1000-5000-011 6
741J872002 PRW-1000-5000-012 6
741J872003 PRW-1000-5000-013 6
868C963001 PRW-1500-10002-001 5
868C963002 PRW-1500-10002-002 4
871C069019 PRW-1500-10000-019 4
871C069A01 PRW-1500-10000-001  
871C069A02 PRW-1500-10000-002  
871C069A03 PRW-1500-10000-003  
871C069A04 PRW-1500-10000-004  
871C069G05 PRW-1500-10000-005  
874C958G01 PRW-1500-10001-001  
Note 1: Unit is a form, fit, and function equivalent with the same electrical and mechanical specifications, including mounting dimensions, except it is not marked with this General Electric or Westinghouse part number.
Note 2: Unit is a form, fit, and function equivalent with the same electrical and mechanical specifications, including mounting dimensions, except it uses a different electrical connector, for which a cable adapter is available.
Note 3: Unit is a form, fit, and function equivalent with the same electrical and mechanical specifications, including mounting dimensions, except it is field modified to remove the mounting feet from one side.
Note 4: Unit is designated as having left-hand mounting orientation.
Note 5: Unit is designated as having right-hand mounting orientation.
Note 6: Unit is constructed without PTFE for mild radiation resistance up to 30 Mrads continuous duty.
Not all units are covered by this cross reference. Please contact us if there is a specific GE or Westinghouse  not shown above and you require.
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