Prefixes for Metric (SI) Units of Measurement

In the SI measurement system, the names for multiples and subdivisions of any unit of measurement can be derived by combining the name of the unit with prefixes that denote different exponential values. For example, one thousand meters can be referred to as one kilometer. Use the chart below to derive names for any unit of measurement.
1,000,000,000,000 1012 tera T Trillion terahertz
1,000,000,000 109 giga G Billion gigawatts
1,000,000 106 mega M Million megabyte
1,000 103 kilo k Thousand kilometer
100 102 hecto h Hundred hectometer
10 101 deka da Ten dekagram
0.1 10-1 deci d Tenth decibel
0.01 10-2 centi c Hundredth centimeter
0.001 10-3 milli d Thousandth milligram
0.000001 10-6 micro µ Millionth micrometer
0.000000001 10-9 nano n Billionth nanogram
0.000000000001 10-12 pico p Trillionth picogram
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